Feature:90068 Add hold flag to submissions

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  • Feature:90068 Add hold flag to submissions OPEN If you're a moderator reviewing a submission, I think it would be handy to have a "hold" checkbox that you could check to show that you are reviewing it, and that other moderators shouldn't approve it and needn't investigate it. Ideally it would also show who held it -- so in fact you only need one field; "Held by", and a button to toggle it from blank to the currently logged in user. Right now I have asked a question about a recent submission but there's no easy way for y'all to see that. I don't think the flag needs to prevent approval; it's just informative. Mike Christie (talk) 11:41, 22 Dec 2006 (CST)
I suggested something similar back in May-June, but Al had other things to worry about at the time and, besides, we weren't sure how useful it would be. Based on recent moderatorial experiences, it does seem quite useful. Half the time I have to spend a couple of minutes checking the submitted change against Contento/OCLC/Worldcat/etc and it would be useful to be able to "put it on hold" so that other moderators wouldn't be duplicating the effort. Ahasuerus 12:47, 23 Dec 2006 (CST)

Here's an outline of the possible functionality.

  • Two extra columns appear as the second and third columns on the "New Submissions" moderation screen, titled "Hold" and "Hold status".
  • The hold column displays a "Hold" button.
  • The hold status column displays "None" or the name of a moderator, with a hyperlink to their talk page.
  • Each submission starts with a hold status of "None".
  • Clicking on the Hold button for a row updates the hold status to the logged in user, regardless of whether the status is "None" or not.
  • If the hold status for that row has changed since the display of the screen, the update fails (i.e. the update is effectively "where submission_id = ### and hold_status = <current hold status>"
  • Approving or rejecting the submission is not prevented by the hold status -- i.e. it's a notification method, not a control method.
  • If the submission has been approved or rejected, pressing the hold button does not change the hold status of the record.
  • On rejection or approval, the hold status can be preserved by the system or not -- whichever is easiest to implement.
  • After clicking the hold button, the moderation screen redisplays with a message at the top saying "submission ### updated" or "submission ### has been updated by another moderator" or "submission ### has already been integrated" or "submission ### has already been rejected", whichever is appropriate.

Optionally we could add the following, though I don't think it would be necessary.

  • If the hold status is that of the currently logged in user, then the hold button is labelled "Unhold" and clicking the unhold button changes the status to "None".

-- Mike Christie (talk) 05:37, 25 Dec 2006 (CST)