EditBug:10067 Date width data entry

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  • EditBug:10067 Date width data entry OPEN The date fields in the New Collection/Anthology/Magazine edit forms and are displayed inconsistently. The original date fields only display 8 characters, while the date fields that are added when you hit the "Add Title" button are wider and let you see the full YYYY-MM-DD format. This has already confused one new user, who thought that he only had enough space to enter YYYY. I suggest we change them all to be big enough to see YYYY-MM-DD. Ahasuerus 11:18, 25 Dec 2006 (CST)
Actually, all the widths are 8, except for newpub, which for some reason was set to 5. Alvonruff 06:15, 9 Jan 2007 (CST)