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Rosemary Elizabeth (R. E.) Jackson, born 1917, evidently active as a writer 1960s to 1970s

Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) conflates this writer and Rosemary (Rosie) Jackson (entry by John Clute) [CORRECTED prior to 2017-11-28]
Result of that 2017 correction: Encyclopedia of Fantasy (online, corrected) contains a biographical entry for Rosemary (Rosie) Jackson --known here as a writer of nonfiction about fantasy literature-- and no entry for R. E. Jackson --known here as a writer of children's novels, including some fantasy fiction. --Pwendt|talk 15:21, 19 February 2020 (EST)
Compare Rosemary Jackson

From Google Books ( The Writers Directory 1980-1982 (The Macmillan Press Ltd, 1979), p. 630:

"JACKSON, Rosemary Elizabeth. (Rosemary Elizabeth Innes). British, b. 1917. Writer of children's fiction. Art teacher, 1951-58.
[list of 6 books, same as WorldCat titles and first years]
"Add: Learney, Torphins, Aberdeenshire AB3 4NB, Scotland.

British National Bibliography credits "Rosemary Elizabeth Jackson", no year of birth, with five children's novels and no other works. Those are five of the six works WorldCat attributes to her (three children's novels in the database, three non-genre).

  • Library of Congress: R. E. Jackson is not identified by the Library of Congress as of 2016-10-27 (there is no LCCN for her, no page for her at LC Authorities). But see the other Rosemary Jackson LCCN n83-064403; "browse this term" in LC Online Catalog ... this yields 1 record of her works

notes 2020-02-19

Library of Congress
Jackson, Rosemary (4) = (underscore) = Rosemary Jackson
Jackson, Rosemary Elizabeth (1) = R. E. Jackson
Jackson, Rosemary F. (2) -- ?
Jackson, Rosemary H. (1) --neither ISFDB author
Jackson, Rosemary (Rosemary E.) (1) --neither ISFDB author
Jackson, Rosie (3)
Jackson, Rosie (Rosemary) (0)
  See: Jackson, Rosemary
WorldCat,%20rosemary%20elizabeth/ --three novels by R. E. Jackson, recognized as Rosemary Elizabeth --as "Jackson, R. E. (Richard E.)", including other novels by R. E. Jackson --many works, mainly nonfiction, *should be* all by Rosemary Jackson,%20rosemary/ --many works, presumably by our Rosemary Jackson and others who share those two names

Works by this R. E. Jackson; reported by WorldCat (identity maybe unknown); not in the database, as apparent non-genre

--non-genre; "Mars" does not mean the planet, but war (ascertained by User:Chavey)