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Patrisha Reece-Davies left school at age 15 for a career in industrial, retail, and service areas. This included running a department store franchise area and working on newspaper advertisement features.

Starting in the mid 1980s, she was an independent contractor, doing market research for individuals and small businesses. She passed a decade in a consulting role in the music industry. This work caused her to develop an interest in contract law, about which she later published a popular book, Unconscionable Contracts in the Music Industry (ISBN: 0773458468).

In 1992, Patrisha resumed formal study. In 1993 she enrolled at De Montfort University to study law and marketing, eventually earning a doctorate.

Since 2001 she has taught 'A' level Law to high school students in the UK. She is also engaged in writing fantasy fiction, while continuing to pursue her legal research. She lives in Cambridgeshire (UK) with her husband and their two cats, Kato and Rufus.

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