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The illustrator of Through the Earth is not credited in WorldCat library records examined (all of about 10 records located 2016-07-20)

W. A. Mackay --so credited in 1898 St. Nicholas Magazine volume contents (Contents of vol 25 part 1 as bound, which contains no Contents by issue); the serial instalments do not credit the illustrations

Wm A. Mackay (all capitals) --most frequent signature in 1898 St. Nicholas Magazine, appears to be punctuated variously, including use of external dashes such as "-- Wm A Mackay --"

William A. Mackay --so identified by several online booksellers; perhaps an extrapolation of the signature

One candidate:
"William Andrew Mackay (1876--July 26, 1939) was an American artist ..." per Wikipedia-EN but that brief biography does not mention work as illustrator of books or magazines. Nor does the Library of Congress, whose online catalog includes only two records for him, both pertaining to three Theodore Roosevelt murals that he directed.

Two substantial obituaries provide much more information about William Andrew Mackay.

  • "W. A. Mackay, Painter, Dies in Subway Station", NY Herald Tribune 1939-07-28 p12
  • "William A. Mackay, Mural Painter, 63", NY Times 1939-07-28 p11

They mention no work other than murals and posters.

The three Theodore Roosevelt memorial murals show no visible signatures in a few online images. There may be none to be found and William A. Mackay may have been no more than the contest entrant, grant winner, and project director. One blog credits another painter ("Was Credit Camouflaged? | Roosevelt Murals" at Camoupedia [1]) The NYHT obituary notes that "Mackay received $60,000 for the murals ... He was assisted in the work by Joseph Nussdorf and a staff of five painters."