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As of 2016-05-12 the Library of Congress identifies one "John Burgoyne (illustrator)", almost certainly not this illustrator.

Several John Burgoynes are identified and assigned canonical names disambiguated by dates, middle initials, or titles.

There are 25 catalog records for "Burgoyne, John" undifferentiated; that is, no LCCN. Almost all are for illustration of works related to cooking -- Cooks Illustrated, America's Best Kitchen, etc. -- and published from the late 1990s to date.

LCCN 79-21150, 1980 One was left alive
LCCN 80-20955, 1981 The Wizard Children of Finn
LCCN 98-42871, 1999 Backyard birdfeeding for beginners

The second is in the database as the only work credited to John Burgoyne.

WorldCat associates "John Burgoyne (illustrator)" with some of the kitchen books [1].