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This is an ISFDB Bibliographic Comments page for the author (or artist or editor) C. S. Lewis. This page may be used for bibliographic comments or extended notes about the author, or discussion on how to the author's works are to be recorded . The link above leads to the ISFDB summary record for C. S. Lewis. Please use Bio:C. S. Lewis for a biographical sketch of this person. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page. For more on this and other header templates, see Header templates.


All entries reconciled with Reginald1, including first edition information. Reginald1 misses the following titles:

  • The Pilgrim's Regress (1933)
  • The Great Divorce (1946) - Probably didn't consider it SF.
  • Surprised by Joy (1955) - Nonfiction.
  • The World's Last Night (1960)
  • The Dark Tower and Other Stories (1977) - published close to date of Reginald1.
  • The Cosmic Trilogy (1990) - Published post-Reginald1.
  • From Narnia to a Space Odyssey (2003) - Published post-Reginald1.


All entries reconciled with Reginald3. No conflicts discovered.


All entries reconciled with Tuck. Tuck differs from Reginald1 on the following points:

  • Reginald1 lists the publisher for the first edition of The Last Battle as "London: Bodley Head", while Tuck has "London: Lane". "The Bodley Head" is short for "John Lane and Elkin Mathews - The Bodley Head", so these are probably equivalent.
  • Ditto for The Magician's Nephew.
  • Reginald1 doesn't list Walter Hooper as an editor for Of Other Worlds, Tuck does.
  • Reginald1 gives a page count of 476 for the first edition of That Hideous Strength; Tuck 475. Sticking with Reginald.

Problems with Tuck:

  • Tuck omits the publication date for the Toronto:Nelson version of Out of the Silent Planet, so it is not included here.
  • Ditto for the Toronto:S.J.R. Saunders version The Screwtape Letters.
  • Ditto for the Toronto:Nelson version of That Hideous Strength. What's up with Tuck and Canada? Eh?
  • Ditto for the Toronto:Longmans version of The World's Last Night.
  • The Japan editions aren't... lucid. Not included. The French editions are kinda there.
  • Tuck is missing the first edition of The Pilgrim’s Regress. It should be 1933, not 1943.


All entries reconciled with Clute/Grant. Issues:

  • Clute/Grant gives the date for The Great Divorce as 1946. Tuck lists the date as 1945. Wikipedia claims that the book was serialized 1944/1945. Library of Congress agrees that a 1945 edition exists.


All entries reconciled with Clute/Nicholls. Issues:

  • Clute/Nicholls also lists Hooper as editor for The Dark Tower and Other Stories. Given the controversy over actual authorship of this work, and the fact that it was published posthumously, I think he should be listed here.
  • Clute/Nicholls doesn't list Hooper on On Stories, and Other Essays in Literature.
  • Clute/Nicholls doesn't list Hooper on Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young C. S. Lewis, and doesn't list it as a collection.


  • Reconciled all Wikipedia dates with the ISFDB.
  • Added Wikipedia links to all titles with associated Wikipedia articles.
  • Added ISFDB publication history links to all associated Wikipedia articles.

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