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"Galaxies Like Grains of Sand" and "The Canopy of Time" are going to be a nightmare. Several versions, and at least one gives "The X Millennia" as overall title for the short story (by ISFDB standards: as that's on the first page of each story) but might cover the interstitial material AND the short story (as that's what content page gives). E.g. From the Panther 1985 edition we have covering titles, and in the 1963 Four Square edition we have no covering titles but extra stories: and even the early edition mentions that some were originally published under yet another title. Allow for the fact that some are Brian (No W) Aldiss, and that the US versions differ again, and that the explanatory essays (from Aldiss and Spinrad) have varied too over editions, and you have a Bibliographer's nightmare. I might return to reconcile my TWO books a bit, and leave guide-lines for other editors, and hope that some day we'll have a super-editor with all versions of all stories in all book and all magazine forms. For now, here's the brain-dump on my two:

Three's a Cloud (Four Square only)

• The War Millennia (Panther Only) Out of Reach

• The Sterile Millennia All the World's Tears

• The Robot Millennia Who Can Replace a Man?

• The Mingled Millennia Blighted Profile

Judus Danced (Four Square only)

• The Dark Millennia O Ishrail!

• The Star Millennia Incentive

• The Mutant Millennia Gene-Hive

• The Megalopolis Millennia Secret of a Mighty City

They Shall Inherit (Four Square only)

• The Ultimate Millennia Visiting Amoeba

Anyone else have a version they'd like to contribute to the mess? I notice primary verification is almost non-existent so far. Quite understandable, really, but sorting out a book like this should be a sign that an Editor is ready for Moderator status as even most Mods are afraid of this one, it seems! BLongley 17:00, 4 Apr 2008 (CDT)