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Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Adam's Ladder Michael Bailey and Darren Speegle tp 10-17 Editor
The Affair of the Chronic Argonaut Fred Adams, Jr. tp 07-26
Agents, Adepts & Apprentices Kathryn Sullivan tp, ebook 09-17
Aliens: Bug Hunt Jonathan Maberry tp, tp, hc 04-18 Amazon
Aliens Actually Fiona Roarke tp 09-29
All Hail Our Robot Conquerors! Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier ebook 08-00 Publisher
All These Shiny Worlds II Jefferson Smith ebook 05-31
Alligators in the Sewers tp, ebook 09-26
Alternative Truths Bob Brown and Phyllis Irene Radford hc, ebook 04-27
Among Green Roses Merrie Haskell ebook 05-09
The Anatomy of Monsters, Volume I Robert Tuen and Donelle Pardee Whiting tp 07-08 needs lengths
And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe Gwendolyn Kiste ebook, tp 04-14 Publisher
Anemone Enemy Claire Fitzpatrick tp 07-25 Amazon
Angler in Darkness Edward M. Erdelac ebook, tp 08-01 Amazon
Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories Kim Newman ebook, tp, tp 01-24
Anno Klarkash-Ton Glynn Barrass and Frederick J. Mayer tp 12-09 Amazon partial contents
Ant Farm Necropolis Adrian Ludens ebook, tp 06-23 Amazon
Apocalypse Utah Johnny Worthen and Callie Stoker tp 02-14 contents uncertain, w/o lengths
Arcane Arts Anthology Kai Herbertz tp 01-30 Amazon
Ashes to Sunrise Mia Darien ebook 01-20
At the Helm Vol. 1 ebook 03-28
At the Helm Vol. 2 ebook 05-17 needs lengths
Aurora Mike Chapman ebook, tp 04-09
The Awakened: Modern Hal Greenberg and Greg Schauer tp, ebook 06-27 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Bad Valentines 2 Steve Vernon tp, ebook 02-02 Amazon
Baker Street Irregulars Michael A. Ventrella and Jonathan Maberry tp, ebook 03-21
Ballad Tales Kevan Manwaring ebook, tp 06-01
The Banes of Lake's Crossing: Origins Ellay Branton and Kimberlie L. Faye and R. L. Merrill ebook 10-29
Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, Volume IX Julie Ann Dawson tp 08-23 Amazon
Beautiful Nightmares: Women of Horror Elizabeth A. Lance ebook, tp 03-15 Amazon needs lengths
The Beauty of Death II: Death by Water Alessandro Manzetti, Jodi Renee Lester tp, ebook 11-10
Because You Love to Hate Me Ameriie hc, tp, ebook 07-11 Amazon
Becomimg Tonya R. Moore tp 09-28
The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night Jen Campbell hc 11-02 Amazon
Behind the Mask Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson tp, ebook 05-16 Amazon
Behind You Ralph Robert Moore tp 10-17 Amazon
Behold! Oddities, Curiosities & Undefinable Wonders Doug Murano ebook, tp 07-28 Publisher
Behold the Void Philip Fracassi tp 03-10 Publisher
Below the Stairs: Tales from the Cellar Steve Dillon tp 10-00 Amazon needs one length
Beneath the Floating City Donna Maree Hanson ebook 07-25 Amazon
Besieged Kevin Hearne hc, tp, ebook 07-11 Amazon
Best Worst American Juan Martínez ebook, tp 01-16 Amazon unknown which stories are speculative
Between the Tracks Steve Dillon hc, tp, tp 05-00 needs lengths
Bewitching Love: Uncollected Anthology 11 ebook 01-30
Beyond Antares: Dimensional Gates Brandon Rospond tp 09-15 Amazon
Beyond Antares: Open Signal Brandon Rospond tp 05-10 Amazon
The Big Book of Bootleg Horror: Vol. I Mitch Workman tp, ebook 04-17 Amazon
Biketopia Elly Blue tp 09-08
Bitten by Love ebook 07-30
Black Feathers: Dark Avian Tales Ellen Datlow hc, ebook 02-07
Black Jesus and Other Superheroes Venita Blackburn tp 09-01 Amazon
Black Magic Elizabeth A. Lance ebook 06-10
Black Power: The Superhero Anthology Balogun Ojetade ebook, tp 02-15
Black Wings VI S. T. Joshi hc 11-00 Publisher
Blades of Justice Nicole Kimerbling and Anne Scott tp 03-07 Amazon needs lengths
Bleak Horizons Tarl Hoch tp 03-00 Publisher Needs story lengths
Blood Business Joshua Viola and Mario Acevedo tp 11-07
Bond Unknown Edward M. Erdelac and William Meikle tp 09-17 Publisher
Book Dreams, Volume One ebook 04-07
The Book of Blasphemous Words CJ Miles, IV tp, ebook 01-31 Publisher
The Book of Dragons A. J. Dalton tp 09-12 Amazon
The Book of Swords Gardner Dozois hc 10-10 Amazon
Boundless Miracle Austin tp, ebook 01-27
Brain Dead Blues Matt Hayward tp, ebook 05-01 Amazon Needs lengths
Brave Boy World Michael D. Takeda tp, ebook 02-00
Bullseye! Yasutaka Tsutsui tp 07-10 Amazon needs lengths
But Wait... There's More! #1 Harvey Jacobs tp 01-11 Amazon
But Wait... There's More! #2 Harvey Jacobs tp 01-11 Amazon
But Wait... There's More! #3 Harvey Jacobs tp 01-11 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
A Caffeinated Collection of Curious Accounts Catelyn Winona ebook 01-29
California Screamin' Danielle Kaheaku tp 10-04
The Call / Welcome to the Dance Dorothy Davies tp 01-31
The C.A.M. Charity Anthology: Fantasy #1 ebook 06-08
Campfire Horror 3 J. Carlson ebook 04-17
Carnacki: The Edinburgh Townhouse and Other Stories William Meikle tp 09-19
The Carp-Faced Boy Thersa Matsuura ebook, tp 02-00
Casual Conjurings ebook 03-05
Cat Pictures Please and Other Stories Naomi Kritzer tp, ebook 07-11 Amazon
Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers Monica Louzon et al. ebook 11-14
Cat's Breakfast Juliana Rew ebook, tp 06-15 Publisher
Third Flatiron #19
CEA Greatest Anthology Written tp 10-10
Chasing Magic Kathrin Hutson tp 05-03
Chasing Shadows David Brin and Stephen W. Potts hc, ebook 01-00
The Children of Gla'aki Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass tp, ebook 04-00 needs lengths
Chopping Block Party David G. Barnett and Brendan Deneen tp 09-24
Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie Ellen Campbell ebook 10-27
Cli-Fi: Canadian Tales of Climate Change Bruce Meyer tp 05-01 review needs lengths
Clockwork Cairo Matthew Bright ebook, tp 06-01
Clockwork Wonderland Emerian Rich tp, ebook 04-26
Collected Science Fiction Tony Richards tp 09-11 Amazon
Come Let Us Sing Anyway Leone Ross tp, ebook, ebook 06-05 needs lengths
A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes Melissa H. North ebook 05-30 Amazon
Conjunctions 68: Inside Out Bradford Morrow tp
Corpsing Kayleigh Marie Edwards tp 07-01 Amazon
Cosmic Powers John Joseph Adams hc, tp 04-18 Amazon
Crazy Little Spring Called Love Cara McKinnon ebook, tp 05-03
The Cross Cutting Trilogy Wendy Hammer tp, ebook 07-15
Crossbones and Skulls Simon Messingham ebook 05-18
Crowned Kristine Hauser ebook, tp 06-07
Cthulhu and Other Monsters Sam Stone tp, ebook 04-02
Cthulhu Cymraeg 2 Mark Howard Jones tp 04-22 Amazon
Cthulhu Deep Down Under, Vol. 1 Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira, and Bryce Stevens tp, ebook 12-01
Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures A. C. Thompson ebook 01-24
Cut Corners: Vol. 3 Burke, Smith, Garton tp, ebook 04-22 Amazon
Cut from the Same Shadow Richard A. Knaak tp 12-05 Amazon
Cutting Block: Single Slices Volume 1 Patrick Beltran tp 08-25 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
D Is for Dinosaur Rhonda Parrish tp, ebook 02-16 Amazon
Dance with the Demon Toneye Eyenot tp 08-12
Dark Cities Christopher Golden hc, tp, tp, ebook 05-16 Amazon needs one length
The Dark Dark Samantha Hunt ebook, tp 07-18 Amazon
Dark Designs: Tales of Mad Science Thomas S. Flowers and Duncan Ralston ebook 03-28 Publisher
Dark Luminous Wings Vonnie Winslow Crist and Kelly A. Harmon tp, ebook 10-14
The Dark North Martin Dunelind hc 10-10
Dark Places, Evil Faces Mark Lumby hc, ebook 09-00
Dark Satanic Mills Steve J. Shaw hc 09-00 Publisher
The Dark Sea Within Jason V Brock tp Publisher
Dark Ventures T. C. Rypel tp, ebook 03-16
Darker Companions Joseph Pulver, Sr. and Scott David Aniolowski hc 09-00 needs lengths
Darkscapes ebook, tp 01-30
Daughters of Apostasy Damian Murphy tp 09-18 Amazon
Dauntless: A Devotional for Ares and Mars Rebecca Buchanan tp 06-09 Partial contents
Dead Bait 4 Cameron Pierce tp 11-27 Amazon
Death Paul Kane tp 07-15 needs lengths
The Death of All Things Laura Anne Gilman and Kat Richardson ebook 09-01 Publisher
Death or Ice Cream? Gareth P. Jones tp 10-01
Debris & Detritus: The Lesser Greek Gods Running Amok Patricia Burroughs tp, ebook 02-14 Amazon
Demons, Devils and Denizens of Hell, Vol. 1 P. Mattern tp, ebook 07-09
The Demons of King Solomon Aaron J. French hc [1]
Depraved Desires Xtina Marie tp, ebook 04-17 Amazon
Discordia: Tales from the Shadows Conrad W. Kovach ebook 02-24
The Distance Between Insanity and Genius Vertigo Xi'an Xavier pb 10-00
Distressing Damsels Madeline L. Stout ebook, tp 06-05
Disturbia in the U.K. Tobias K. Phipps tp 03-11
Divergent Fates Anthology Matthew S. Cox tp 06-14
The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories Jared Shurin and Mahvesh Murad tp; tp 03-09 Amazon
DOA III Marc Ciccarone and Andrea Dawn tp 05-01
Dogs of War Fred Patten tp 01-12
The Doll's Alphabet Camilla Grudova tp, tp 02-14 Amazon
The Doppler Effect and Other Stories Allen Steele tp 07-30
Double Barrel Horror Volume 2 Matthew Weber tp 07-20
Down and Out in Purgatory Tim Powers hc 11-07
Down There & Others Keith Minnion tp 08-23 one length needed
The Dream Operator Mike O’Driscoll ebook, tp, hc 07-04 Publisher
The Dreamer in Fire and Other Stories Sam Gafford tp 08-00 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
An Eclectic Collection of Stuff and Things Edwina Harvey tp, ebook 06-01 partial contents
Ecopunk! Liz Grzyb and Cat Sparks tp 11-06 Amazon
Ecotastrophe II J. Alan Erwine tp 07-27
Editor's Choice Mark Leslie ebook 06-30 Publisher
Edward Bryant's Sphere of Influence Jim LeMay and Chuck Anderson tp 11-09
Eight Ghosts Rowan Routh hc 09-28 Amazon needs lengths
Eight in the Chamber ebook 09-11
Embers Kenneth W. Cain tp, ebook 03-31
Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 tp 10-10 Amazon needs lengths
The Emerald Circus Jane Yolen tp 11-14 Amazon
The End Is All We See/All We See Is the End M. F. Wahl and A. J. Brown tp, tp, ebook, ebook 03-01
Endgame: The Complete Fugitive Archives James Frey tp 06-06
The Endless Fall Jeffrey Thomas tp, ebook 01-11
Endless Worlds, Volume II ebook 07-08 Amazon
Enter the Apocalypse Thomas Gondolfi tp, ebook 03-12
Entropic Angel and Other Stories Gareth L. Powell hc 04-00
Entropy in Bloom Jeremy Robert Johnson hc, ebook 04-24 Amazon
Equus Rhonda Parrish tp 07-18 Amazon
Everyone: Worlds Without Walls Tony C. Smith ebook 12-01
Everything That's Underneath Kristi DeMeester tp, ebook 08-29 Amazon
Evil Is a Matter of Perspective Adrian Collins and Mike Myers tp, tp, ebook 04-00
The Evil Within Madeline L. Stout tp, ebook 06-29 Amazon
Exit Earth tp 12-08 Publisher
The Expanding Universe, Volume 2 Craig Martelle tp, ebook 06-02 Amazon
The Experience Arcade and Other Stories James Van Pelt tp 11-07
Explorations: First Contact Nathan Hystad ebook, tp 01-29 Amazon
Explorations: War Nathan Hystad tp 08-04
Extrasolar Nick Gevers hc 08-00 needs lengths


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Faces in Things Chris Bell ebook, tp 02-02
Fearful Fathoms II Mark Parker 09-29 Amazon
Fae Wings and Hidden Things ebook, tp 06-22
Fairy Tale Review: The Translucent Issue Benjamin Schaefer tp 01-00 recheck
Fairy Tales Slashed, Volume 8 ebook, tp 06-00 needs lengths
Fan Fears: Volume 2 Michael Bray tp 04-17 Amazon
Family Secrets Martin L. Shoemaker tp 03-16
Fantasy from the Rock Ellen Curtis and Erin Vance ebook, tp 04-27
Feel the Fear Mark Leslie ebook, tp 09-00 Amazon
The Fiddle Is the Devil’s Instrument Brett J. Talley ebook, hc 04-21 Publisher
Fifty Flashes Jean M. Goldstrom and Arthur Sanchez tp 01-00
Fire. Plus... Elizabeth Hand tp, ebook 01-00
Fire Kissed ebook 07-31 needs lengths
A Fistful of Credits Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey tp 06-13 Amazon
Five to the Future M. Christian tp, ebook 02-24
For a Few Credits More Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey tp 09-14
For a Few Gold Pieces More Richard C. White tp, ebook 02-14 Amazon
For Mortal Things Unsung Alex Hofelich ebook 03-01
Forest Seclusion ebook 04-09 Publisher
Forever Vacancy Mya Lairis, Kenya Moss-Dyme and Eden Royce tp, ebook 01-13
The Forms of Things Unknown Maggie McNeill ebook, tp 04-00
Forged in Blood Michael Z. Williamson hc 09-05 Amazon
The Forsaken Joe McKinney and Mark Onspaugh ebook 06-29 Amazon needs lengths
Four Fantastical Ways to Lose Your Fingers Gladstone, Munz, Pitts, and Southard ebook 06-19
Fractured Beauty ebook 06-01 needs lengths
Fragments of Darkness tp 08-01
From a Certain Point of View hc 10-03
From Ancient Ravens uncredited hc 03-00 Publisher Needs lengths
Fuck the Rules Jonathan Edward Ondrashek and David Owain Hughes tp 08-07
Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Vol. XII Berti Walker, Alex S. Johnson, Rhys Hughes tp 01-13
Fun Tales! Robert Collins tp 08-01 Amazon
Futurescapes: Cities of Empowerment Luke Peterson tp 06-00 Amazon
Futurevision Delia Strange tp 08-21 Amazon all ss
Futuristica: Volume II Katy Stauber and Chester W. Hoster tp 04-13 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Galactic Empires Neil Clarke tp, ebook 01-17
Galactic Frontiers C. C. Ekeke ebook 05-06 needs lengths
The Garden of Delight Alessandro Manzetti tp 03-03 Amazon
Garden of Fiends Mark Matthews tp 04-18 query: is Booth's story new?
Georgetown Haunts and Mysteries Jeanne C. Stein and Joshua Viola tp, ebook 06-27
Ghost Archipelago: Tales of the Lost Isles Joseph A. McCullough pb 10-24 Amazon
The Ghost Club William Meikle ebook, tp 12-09
Ghost Hunting Critters J. A. Campbell tp 08-22
The Ghost in the Shell tp 04-04
Giants at the End of the World Johanna Sinisalo and Toni Jerrman tp 08-09
Global Dystopias Junot Díaz tp 10-27
Golden Age and Other Stories Naomi Novik hc, hc 08-31 Amazon
Granta 139, Spring 2017 Sigrid Rausing tp
Gravity Changes Zach Powers tp 05-16
The Great Tome of Dragons and Draconic Lore Julie Ann Dawson ebook 03-17 needs lengths
Green and Pleasant Land Steve J. Shaw tp, ebook 01-30 Amazon
Group Hex, Vol. 2 Andrew Robertson ebook 10-00 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Halfway to Anywhere: Vol. 1 tp, ebook 04-29
Halloween Carnival, Vol. 1 Brian James Freeman ebook 10-03 Amazon needs lengths, ng?
Halloween Carnival, Vol. 2 Brian James Freeman ebook 10-10 Amazon needs lengths, ng?
Halloween Carnival, Vol. 3 Brian James Freeman ebook 10-17 Amazon needs lengths, ng?
Halloween Carnival, Vol. 4 Brian James Freeman ebook 10-24 Amazon needs lengths, ng?
Halloween Carnival, Vol. 5 Brian James Freeman ebook 10-31 Amazon needs lengths, ng?
Hammer of the Gods: Ragnarok Gavin Chappell tp 07-03 Lulu
Happy Ending Not Guaranteed Liam Hogan tp, ebook 04-06
Hardened Hearts Eddie Generous tp, ebook
Has the World Ended Yet? Peter Darbyshire tp 10-00 Amazon
Haunted Futures Salomé Jones tp, ebook 05-02 Amazon Needs lengths
Haunted Nights Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton tp 10-03 Risingsh.
Haunted Worlds Jeffrey Thomas tp 08-20 Publisher
Heart's Desires and Dark Embraces Margaret L. Carter tp, ebook 09-12 Amazon needs lengths
Hellboy: An Assortment of Horrors Christopher Golden tp 08-29 Amazon
Hellfire Crossroads, Vol. 6 Trevor Denyer ebook, tp 06-00 Publisher
Her Body and Other Parties Carmen Maria Machado tp 10-03 Amazon
Hero Lost: Mysteries of Death and Life tp, ebook 05-02
Heroes and Villains Lewis Shiner hc 10-31 Amazon
Heroic Fantasy Short Stories hc 07-31 partial contents
Hickeys and Quickies MaryJanice Davidson tp 07-21
Hiding Behind the Cowl Blaze Ward tp 04-21
His Seed Steve Berman tp, ebook 05-01 needs lengths
Hitchhiker: Stories from the Kentucky Homefront Bob Thompson hc 10-24 Amazon
Holidays from Hell Reggie Oliver hc, ebook 01-30
Hollow Shores Gary Budden hc 10-12 Amazon
Horror Library, Volume 6 Eric J. Guignard tp 04-07 Amazon
Humans Wanted Vivian Caethe tp 06-21
Hydrophobia Lance Fling et al. tp 10-26 Amazon partial contents; unknown which are reprints


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
I Stole You Kristen Ringman tp, ebook Amazon
I Will Surround You Conrad Williams tp 10-00 Publisher
If We Had Known Mike McPhail tp, ebook 05-14
The Illusioneer & Other Tales Karen J Carlisle tp 11-18 Amazon
Imposter Syndrome James Everington and Dan Howarth tp 10-23 Publisher
In Creeps the Night Laura Jamez and Marissa Ames tp 04-28
In This Point of Stillness Dustin LaValley and Mercedes M. Yardley tp 06-00 Publisher
The Inappropriate Adventures of Horace Whitley David Neilsen tp 07-22 Amazon
Incarceration Carol Hightshoe tp, ebook 05-18 Amazon
Inferno: Tales of Hell and Horror Angeline Hawkes tp 10-01 Amazon
The Infinite Library and Other Stories Victor Fernando R. Ocampo tp 09-00
Infinite Stars Bryan Thomas Schmidt hc 10-17 Amazon
Infinity Wars Jonathan Strahan tp 09-12 Amazon
Intersections Rob E. Boley and Megan Hart tp 01-13
Invocations tp 09-07
It, Watching Elizabeth Massie tp 06-27


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
The Jagged Gate James Maxey tp 09-07
Joe Ledger: Unstoppable Joe Maberry and Bryan Thomas Schmidt tp 10-31 Amazon
Journey Gary S. Roen tp 06-01 Amazon
Journeys Teresa Edgerton ebook, tp 02-12 Amazon
Judge Anderson: Year One Alec Worley ebook, tp 06-13
The Jurassic Chronicles Crystal Watanabe tp 01-27 needs lengths
Just Stories Tracy L. Carbone tp, ebook 02-00
Kepler's Cowboys David Lee Summers and Steve B. Howell tp 02-06 Amazon
Kill the Children, Save the Food James R. Tuck tp, ebook 03-06
Knots Gunnhild Øyehaug hc 07-11 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
La Cucaracha & Other Tales of Apocalyptic Revelry Michael Dominguez-Beddome ebook, tp 04-01 Amazon
The Language of Thorns Leigh Bardugo hc, hc 09-26 Amazon
Latin@ Rising Mark Beech tp, ebook 01-01
Launch Pad Shelly Bryant tp 09-00 contents not available
Lawless Lands Leverett, McGraw, and Massey tp, ebook 05-03
Letters of Decline Tom Breen ebook, tp 05-05
Liars, Fakers, and the Dead Who Eat Them Scott Edelman tp 02-26 Amazon
Life out of Harmony and Other Tales of Wonder Rebecca Birch ebook 06-12 needs lengths
Light Both Foreign and Domestic Darin Bradley tp 10-10 Publisher
Like a Woman Mirren Hogan, Christina Aitken, and Jeanette O'Hagan tp, ebook 12-02
Little Green Men—Attack! Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Robin Wayne Bailey tp, ebook 03-07
A Lone Star in the Sky William Ledbetter and Melanie Fletcher tp 08-27
Lone Wolf Anthology Derek Alan Siddoway tp, ebook 01-10
The Long and Short of It Jodi Taylor ebook, tp 06-01 One new story
The Long Past Ginn Hale ebook, tp 10-03 Amazon needs lengths
Looming Low: Volume I Justin Steele and Sam Cowan hc, tp 08-18
Lost Among the Stars Paul Di Filippo tp, ebook 01-25
The Lovecraft Squad: Waiting Stephen Jones hc, ebook 10-03 Amazon
Lovecraftian Tales: Volume One Alex Kreitner and Matthew Carpenter ebook, tp 04-24
Lurking in the Mind Jaidis Shaw ebook, tp 04-02


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Machine Learning Hugh Howey hc, tp 10-03 Amazon
Mad Hatters and March Hares Ellen Datlow hc, tp 12-12 Amazon
The Mad Visions of al-Hazred H. David Blalock ebook 11-06
Made for the Dark John Llewellyn Probert hc 09-00
Magic for a Rainy Day Alexandra Brandt ebook, tp 03-08 Amazon
Magic for Unlucky Girls A. A. Balaskovits tp, ebook, ebook 04-01 Amazon
Maidens & Magic Allison Reker tp, ebook 02-03
The Mammoth Book of the Mummy Paula Guran tp, tp, ebook 01-12 needs one length
Man of War Heidi Ruby Miller hc, tp 07-28
Masques of Darkover Deborah J. Ross tp, ebook 05-02
Masters of Horror Matt Shaw tp, ebook 11-12 Amazon
Mated! ebook 10-02 needs lengths
Meanwhile, Elsewhere Cat Fitzpatrick and Casey Plett tp 09-05 needs lengths
MECH: Age of Steel Tim Marquitz and N. X. Sharps ebook 07-11 Amazon
Merchants of Misery Lisa Dabrowski and L. Joseph Shosty [ ebook] 10-30 Amazon
Metamorphosis Alpha Craig Martelle tp
The Michael Holland Stories Carl B. Yoke tp
Microcosms Tony Ballantyne and Eric Brown tp, ebook 03-20 Amazon
Michael Moorcock's
Legends of the Multiverse
J-M. Lofficier tp 04-01 Publisher
Mirages and Speculations Lyn Worthen tp 08-30
Mixed Up Nick Mamatas and Molly Tanzer hc 10-03
Monster Brawl! tp 06-05
The Monster Hunter Files Larry Correia and Bryan Thomas Schmidt tp 10-03
Monsters Derrick Jensen tp 10-01
Monsters Among Us John L. French tp 07-04 Amazon
Monsters Under Your Bed Edd Sowder and Donna Marie West tp 09-28
More Alternative Truths Phyllis Irene Radford et al. tp, ebook 11-11
More Bizarro Than Bizarro tp 09-03 Amazon partial contents
More Shadows Over R'lyeh Don D'Ammassa tp, ebook 01-12
Move Into Madness Mary Brown tp Amazon
Mrs Rochester's Attic Matthew Pegg tp 05-09 uncertain orig. pubs, which spec
Multiverse: Stories Across Realms Steve Rzasa tp, ebook 06-05
Mummy Knows Best Theresa Derwin tp 09-25
Murder Ballads Mark Beech hc 02-20 Publisher
My House Gathers Desires Adam McOmber ebook, tp 08-21 Amazon needs lengths


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Naked Revenants Jonathan Thomas tp, ebook 07-00 Amazon
Naughty Nights tp 08-18
Nevertheless, She Persisted Mindy Klasky tp, ebook 08-08 Amazon
New Fears Mark Morris tp 09-19 Risingsh.
Needs lengths
The New Voices of Fantasy Jacob Weisman and Peter S. Beagle tp, ebook 08-08 1 new story
Night Moves Mary SanGiovanni tp 06-22
Night Shades #1 ebook 04-26
Nightingale Stephen Leather tp, ebook 03-16
Nightmare's Realm S. T. Joshi tp, ebook 03-31 Publisher
Nights of Blood Wine Freda Warrington tp, ebook 04-02
Nights of the Living Dead George A. Romero and Jonathan Maberry tp, ebook 07-11 Amazon
Nightscape Eric Ian Steele hc 08-00 Publisher needs lengths
Nightscript III C. M. Muller tp 10-01 Publisher
No Humans Allowed John Helfers ebook, tp 04-07
No Shit, There I Was Alex Acks ebook, tp 02-22
Nona's Room Cristina Fernández Cubas tp 05-18 Amazon needs lengths
Northern Frights David Price tp, ebook 04-12
Not Just Voodoo Rebecca Hamilton ebook 01-23 Needs story lengths


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
The Obama Inheritance Gary Phillips tp 10-10 Amazon
Oceans: The Anthology Jessica West tp 09-19
Of Doomful Portent Matthew M. Bartlett other 08-29 Author
Off Beat: Nine Spins on Song ebook, tp 04-03
Once Upon a Kiss tp, ebook 01-30
Once Upon a Spell tp, ebook 04-29 needs lengths
One Night at the Villa Diodati Stephen Woodworth, Kelly Dunn, and Peter Atkins tp 03-03
Open Minds Casia Schreyer tp, ebook 05-24
Ornithology Nicholas Royle tp 06-02 needs lengths
Orphans in the Black ebook 06-25
Other Realms, Volume II Alan Seeger ebook, tp 01-16
Out of the Darkness Amy Spitzfaden tp, ebook 06-24 Amazon
The Overneath Peter S. Beagle tp 11-07 Amazon
Overview: Stories in the Stratosphere Michael G. Bennett, Joey Eschrich, and Ed Finn ebook 09-00


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Pathways Mercedes Lackey pb 12-05 Amazon
Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories Deborah Sheldon tp, ebook 09-01 Author
A Persistence of Geraniums John Linwood Grant tp 09-00 Author
Phantasm/Chimera Scott Dwyer tp 08-01 Amazon
The Photographer in Search of Death Michael Mirolla tp 11-01 Amazon needs lengths
Pirates in Hell Janet Morris tp 04-12 Amazon
Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone Jim Beard and Rich Handley tp 01-24 Needs lengths
Please Look After This Angel and Other Winged Stories Tansy Rayner Roberts tp 09-27
Pleasant Tales Brendan Connell tp, hc 11-20 Amazon uncertain if speculative
Predator: If It Bleeds Bryan Thomas Schmidt tp 10-17 Amazon
Prowlers & Growlers ebook 11-05 Amazon needs lengths, series info
A Primer to Steve Rasnic Tem Steve Rasnic Tem tp 07-10 Amazon
Press Start & Game On! Alex Dalbey and Noel Pabillo-Mariano Editors Sundress Press; publication uncertain
Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline Kevin J. Anderson ebook, tp 07-00 Publisher


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Radix Omnium Malum and Other Incursions Mike Chinn tp, ebook 02-21
Rain and Other Stories Mia Couto tp 07-25 publication uncertain
The Raven's Table Christine Morgan ebook tp 02-28 Publisher
Read-Only Caitlin Marceau and M. Regan tp 06-01 Amazon
Rebels & Runes uncredited ebook 03-28
Recluce Tales L. E. Modesitt, Jr. hc, ebook 01-03 Amazon
Record of a Night Too Brief Hiromi Kawakami tp 01-26
Redder Than Blood Tanith Lee tp, ebook 04-04
The Renegade Archaeologist and Other Tales Michael Cooney tp 10-09
The Refrigerator Monologues Catherynne M. Valente hc, ebook 06-06 Amazon
Respectable Horror K. A. Laity tp 03-06
Restless Anna Reith tp 07-06
Restless: An Anthology of Mummy Horror John C. Bruening and Jim Beard tp 01-09 Amazon
The Retro Collection Don D'Ammassa tp 09-15
Return Aiki Flinthart tp 12-06 Amazon
Return of the Old Ones Brian M. Sammons tp, ebook 04-00
Ride the Star Wind Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski ebook 09-26 Publisher
The Rise of the Phoenix Mary Marvella and Nancy Knight tp 08-15
The Rise of the Terran Federation John F. Carr ebook, hc 05-04 Amazon
Road Brothers Mark Lawrence hc 11-02
Road Kill, Volume 2 Bret McCormick amd E. R. Bills tp 10-02 needs lengths
Rocket's Red Glare James Reasoner tp, ebook 05-24
Rolling in the Dark Angela Spencer ebook 01-12


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
The Sad Part Was Prabda Yoon ebook, tp 02-17 Amazon
Saints+Sinners 2017 Amie M. Evans and Paul J. Willis ebook, tp 04-18 Amazon
unknown spec contents, needs lengths
Salty Kiss Island Rhys Hughes tp 06-16
The Scream K. S. Hardy pb, ebook 01-01
Science Fiction Trails #12 David B. Riley ebook 08-26
A Scruffian Survival Guide Hal Duncan tp 07-16
Scythes of the Emperor L. J. Goulding tp 08-08 partial contents
The Seashell Contract Rhys Hughes tp, ebook 01-26
Secrets of the Slain Lindsey Goddard tp 06-15 Amazon
See the Elephant, Issue 3 Melanie Lamaga tp 07-00
Seven Days in May Ron Collins and John C. Bodin ebook, tp 05-08 1 new story
Seven Strange Stories Rebecca Lloyd ebook, hc 05-00
Seventeen Stitches Sean Eads tp 06-03 Publisher
needs lengths
Shades Joseph Rubas tp, ebook 01-06 needs lengths
Shadows and Tall Trees 7 Michael Kelly hc, tp, ebook 05-02 Amazon
Shadows and Teeth, Volume 2 R. Perez de Pereda tp, hc 02-10 Amazon
Shadows and Teeth, Volume 3 R. Perez de Pereda tp, hc 06-15 Amazon
Shadows Over Main Street: Volume 2 Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward tp, ebook 10-00
Shattered Space James S. Austin ebook, tp 03-01
Shattered Time tp, ebook 03-13
She Said Destroy Nadia Bulkin tp 08-20 Publisher
needs length
Shinepunk John G. Hartness tp 08-21
Shiver Me Timbers tp, ebook 06-04
Shopping List Mitch Workman tp, ebook 04-17
Sibyl's Scriptorium, Vol. 4 Rachelle Funk tp 05-23
The Silver Well Kate Forsyth and Kim Wilkins tp, hc, hc 11-10 Publisher
Singing My Sister Down and Other Stories Margo Lanagan tp 04-26 Amazon needs lengths
Slaughter on the Seas Jim Goforth tp 08-12
Snakes & Stones tp 06-01
So You Want to Be a Robot A. Merc Rustad tp, ebook 05-06 Publisher needs lengths
Some Time Later AJ Sikes and BJ Sikes and Dover Whitecliff tp 06-01
SonofaWitch! Trysh Thompson tp 10-03 Publisher
A Soundless Dawn Dustin LaValley tp, ebook 03-01 Amazon
Speakeasies and Spiritualists Nicole Petit tp 08-18 Amazon
Speaking to Skull Kings and Other Stories Emily B. Cataneo ebook, tp 05-19 Publisher
Spells Gone Awry: Uncollected Anthology 12 ebook 05-01
Splatterpunk Fighting Back Jack Bantry and Kit Power tp 11-06
Spook Lights II Eden Royce ebook 01-20 Amazon
The Stars at My Door George Ilett Anderson and Neil Baker tp 08-12 needs lengths
Stars in the Darkness Jamie Ferguson ebook 11-13 needs lengths
Still Waters C. J. Brightley and Robert McCowen ebook, tp 10-24
Straight Outta Tombstone David Boop tp 07-03
Strange Beasties Juliana Rew ebook 09-20 Amazon
Strange Is the Night S. P. Miskowski tp, ebook 10-13 Amazon
Strange Weather Joe Hill hc 10-24 Amazon
Strangers of the Night Megan Hart tp, pb, ebook 06-06
Submerged S. C. Butler and Joshua Palmatier ebook 08-00 Amazon
The Sum of Us Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law hc, ebook 05-00 Publisher
needs lengths
Sunvault Phoebe Wagner and Brontë Christopher Wieland tp, ebook 08-29
Superheroes: The Crossover Alliance Anthology V3 tp 03-01
Supernatural Horror Short Stories Laura Bulbeck hc 08-29
Superpowers Rebecca Moesta tp 11-00 Publisher
Sweet Dreams Essel Pratt et al. ebook, tp 02-10 Amazon
Swimmer Among the Stars Kanishk Tharoor ebook, hc, hc 03-14
Sword and Planet Gavin Chappell tp 03-06 Amazon
Sword and Sorceress 32 Elisabeth Waters tp 11-02 Amazon
Swords Against Cthulhu II Gavin Chappell tp 01-25 Amazon
Swords of Steel III D. M. Ritzlin pb 05-21 Publisher
Sycorax's Daughters Susana Morris, Kinitra Brooks, and Linda D. Addison ebook, ebook, tp 02-21
Symbol of a Nation Fred Patten tp 06-30


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Tales from a Talking Board Ross E. Lockhart tp 10-24 Publisher
Tales from the Lake, Vol. 4 Ben Eads ebook, tp 10-31 Publisher
Tales from the Miskatonic University Library Darrell Schweitzer and John Ashmead hc, ebook 02-01
Tales from the Underground tp 09-28
Tales from the Weekend David J. Howe tp, ebook 04-02 Amazon
Tales of Blood and Squalor Lee Allen Howard tp, ebook 11-15
Tales of Falling and Flying Ben Loory tp 09-05 Amazon
Tales of Music and Magic Anthea Sharp ebook 01-08
Tales of New Mexico Joseph D'Lacey tp 08-00
Tales of Red ebook 08-08
Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur Adele Wearing tp 03-06
Tales of the Once and Future King Anthony Marchetta tp 09-27
Tales of the Sunrise Lands David R. Stokes tp 07-31 needs lengths
Tales of Wonder ebook 01-21
Tavern Tales Kerrie L. Hughes ebook, tp 01-30
Telling the Map Christopher Rowe tp 07-11 Amazon
Tender Sofia Samatar hc, ebook 04-17 Publisher
Terror in 16-Bits Jonathan Raab tp 08-31 Publisher
Terror Tales of Cornwall Paul Finch tp, ebook 04-24 Publisher
Tesseracts Twenty: Compostela Spider Robinson and James Alan Garner ebook, ebook 06-05
Test Patterns Duane Pesice tp, ebook 12-23
That Stubborn Seed of Hope Brian Falkner tp 07-03 Amazon
Things Only the Darkness Knows R. l. Weeks ebook, tp 02-01
Things to Do When You're Goth in the Country Chavisa Woods hc, ebook 05-16 Amazon
Things We Leave Behind Mark West tp, ebook 07-25 Amazon
Thirteen Views of the Suicide Woods Bracken MacLeod tp, ebook 04-04 Amazon Unknown which stories are speculative
Thought X Rob Appleby and Ra Page tp 04-20 Amazon needs lengths
Three A.M. Ophelia Crane tp 02-20 Amazon
Three on a Match Crandall, Schoonover, and Munson tp 09-05
Through a Mythos Darkly Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons hc 06-00 needs lengths
Through the Abyssal Gates Brian J. W. Lee ebook 07-15 Amazon
Through the Never Monica Corwin ebook 10-08 Amazon needs lengths
A Time for Grief Adrian Tchaikovsky hc 04-00
To Be Black Magic Alaina Latham ebook 04-26
Totalitopia plus... John Crowley ebook, tp 05-08
A Touch of Silence & Other Tales Simon Bleaken tp, ebook 01-16 Amazon
Transitions and Awakenings: No Regrets Ereika Collins tp, ebook 05-13
Trapped Within Duncan Bradshaw tp 06-18 Amazon
A Treasury of Brenda and Effie Paul Magrs tp, ebook 03-01
Trick or Treat Michael White tp 10-15
Tripping the Tale Fantastic Christopher Jon Heuer tp 10-15 Publisher needs lengths
Trumpocalypse tp 04-24 Amazon
Twice Upon an Apocalypse Scott T. Goudsward and Rachel Kenley tp, ebook 05-30 Publisher


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
UbiquiCity: Tales of the Fractopian Future Tod Foley tp 11-15
Ugly Little Things Todd Keisling tp, ebook 09-15 Publisher
Unbound II: Changed Worlds M. J. Moores tp, ebook 01-11 Amazon
Uncanny Valley S. Mickey Lin tp 08-00
UnCommon Lands Jessica West and P. K. Tyler tp 08-21
UnCommon Minds Jessica West and P. K. Tyler ebook, tp 01-00
Uncommon Pet Tales ebook 05-18
Unfixed Timelines Dawn Vogel ebook 06-01
Universal Enigma Anthology Ben Parris tp 04-03 Amazon
Unleashed: Monsters vs. Zombies Donelle Pardee Whiting tp, ebook 01-05 Amazon
Unleashed: Monsters vs. Zombies Vol. II Donelle Pardee Whiting, Richard Stutsman and Sam Fraser tp 10-02
Unquiet Waters Thana Niveau tp, ebook 08-00
Unspeakable Horror 2: Abominations of Desire Vince A. Liaguno ebook, tp 10-31 Editor
Urban Enemies Joseph Nassise tp 08-01 Amazon
Urban Wolf Linda Thomas-Sundstrom and Jillian Stone tp 06-05
Utter Fabrication Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman ebook, tp 09-19 Publisher
The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories: Volume Two Ryan Cagle and James D. Jenkins hc 10-02
Valcoria Awakenings Jason King ebook 12-19 Publisher
Venom and Vampires ebook 07-25 Amazon
Vessel and Solsvart Berit Ellingsen tp 03-06
Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest Bruce Boston and Robert Frazier ebook 02-09 Amazon
Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities Ed Finn and Joey Eschrich ebook 12-06
The Voices of Martyrs Maurice Broaddus tp, ebook 02-07 Amazon
The Void Between Emotions Sumiko Saulson ebook, tp 05-01
Voyages Mike Resnick hc, ebook 03-28


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
Walk on the Weird Side Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. tp 08-17
War World: The Patriotic Wars John F. Carr hc, ebook 01-30
A Warning About Your Future Enslavement Kit Power ebook 11-03
Warrior Antonica Jones ebook, tp 04-03
We Are All Monsters Cassie Carnage tp, ebook 03-00 needs lengths
Wee Folk and Wise Deby Fredericks ebook 02-01 needs lengths
The Weight of Words William Schafer and Dave McKean tp 12-31 Publisher
Weird Ales: Last Orders Theresa Derwin and Lynn M. Cochrane ebook, tp 06-07
Weird Fiction Review #8 S. T. Joshi tp 12-00 Publisher
Welcome to Dystopia Gordon Van Gelder tp 12-00
What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky Lesley Nneka Arimah hc, ebook 04-04 Amazon
When You're Strange Sarah Vestal and Danne Boyd tp 11-05
Where the Stars Rise Lucas K. Law and Derwin Mak hc, tp 10-08 Publisher
needs lengths
The Whirling World Dean M Drinkel ebook 05-12 Amazon
Whisper: The Untold Stories Michael Bray tp, ebook 03-16
Whispered Echoes Paul F. Olson tp 06-21
Will This Be a
Problem, Vol. 3
ebook 01-11
Wind Through the Fence and Other Stories Jonathan Maberry tp, hc, ebook 02-10
Winter: Ruin and Renewal tp, ebook 04-01
The Wish Mechanics Daniel Braum tp, ebook 07-00
Wisps of Spider Silk: First Thread Athena Andreadis ebook 01-00 Needs story lengths
Witches: Weirdbook Annual #1 Doug Draa tp 10-03
Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms Sacchi Green ebook, tp 04-18
Women in Horror Annual 2 C. Rachel Katz ebook, tp 10-30
The Write Connections Phil Giunta tp 03-04 2 spec fic stories
Writers of the Future, Volume 33 David Farland tp 04-04 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
The Yellow Booke, Volume V M. Grant Kellermeyer tp 04-00 Publisher
Yes Trespassing Erik T. Johnson tp 04-11
You Should Come with Me Now M. John Harrison tp 11-23 Publisher
Contents may not be complete
You Will Grow Into Them Malcolm Devlin tp 06-00 Publisher
Yule Do Nicely Rhys Hughes tp 11-22
Zippered Flesh 3 Weldon Burge tp, ebook 09-22 Amazon


Title Author/Editor ISFDB Records JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Data Sources Notes
13: Déjà Vu Felicia A. Sullivan tp, ebook 06-20
13: Night Terrors Felicia A. Sullivan tp, ebook 09-00
13: Resurrected Felicia A. Sullivan tp, ebook 12-09 needs lengths
2018 Young Explorers' Adventure Guide Corie Weaver and Sean Weaver tp 12-05 Publisher
2084 George Sandison tp 09-00 Publisher
85 North Bobby Nash ebook, tp 03-24
9 Tales of Raffalon Matthew Hughes tp 07-04
9Tales from Elsewhere #12 A. R. Jesse ebook 05-30 Amazon
9Tales Told in the Dark #21 A. R. Jesse ebook 03-09 Amazon
9Tales Told in the Dark #22 A. R. Jesse ebook 04-19 Amazon
9Tales Told in the Dark #23 A. R. Jesse ebook 07-04 Amazon