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This is an ISFDB Bibliographic Comments page for the Fantastic series. This page may be used for a list of the titles in the series, bibliographic comments or extended notes about the series, or discussion on how to organize and/or record the works in the series. The link above leads to the ISFDB series record for Fantastic. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page.

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Title: Fantastic


Editor: Editor Series

Issues: 208

Fantastic began as a companion magazine to both Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures as a Ziff-Davis digest-sized magazine in 1952. By 1953, Fantastic completely supplanted Fantastic Adventures, which ceased publication after the March 1953 issue.

Fantastic was published monthly from Feb 1957 through June 1965; it was published bi-monthly otherwise and quarterly since 1976. From November 1980, it was merged with Amazing. The title changed to Fantastic Science Fiction Stories with the September 1959 issue. The titled changed to Fantastic Stories of Imagination with the October 1960 issue.

See also wikipedia:Fantastic (magazine)



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Art attributions begin Feb 1958

May43, Oct44, Dec45, Jul46, Mar47, Mar48, Sep48, and Nov50 data was supplied by Guy Sirois (slamothe.gsirois <at>; Jan/Feb, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec (1953); Jan/Feb, Apr, Dec (1954); Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Dec (1955); Feb, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec (1956); Feb, Mar, Jul, Dec (1957); Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun (1958); Jan, Feb, Nov (1959); Jan, Apr, Jun, Jul, Oct, Dec (1960); Jan, Jul, Sep, Aug, Dec (1961); Feb, Apr, Aug, Oct, Dec (1962); Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Dec (1963); Jul, Nov (1964); Mar, Apr, Jun (1965); Nov66; Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov (1967); Jan, May, Aug, Oct, Dec (1968); Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec (1969); Feb, Jun, Oct, Dec (1970); and all of 1971-1980 was supplied by Bill Anderson (billand <*> The rest of the Fantastic data was supplied by Dave Kauffman [dave2003<at>].

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